Monday, November 29, 2010

Sagittarius Woman

My sign Is sagittarius My mom inspired me yet she is an exceptional oil paint artist
A Sag lady is choosy about her love interest, sometimes prone to marital strife, since that significant other can not embrace beauty, loved inspiration and desire to care for animals
Sag is yet optimistic a natural born nature lover They can be as sentimental and sensitive and intuitive as a pisces, yet not as tempermental
Better tell the truth around a sag gal or she will scorn You
A man like a Pisces does cause sagittarius to become quite angry, pisces can be odd and goofy, yet they are good creative pals
Sags takes on too many projects, often dreams out loud, Some Sags can walk into a room, through their spirit senses hear thoughts, some can sing and cry all at once

my creativity is fueled by verdant lush tropical gardena, fountaina of shimmering lights, flight of gray morning doves, the singing of the wind in a tall sailboats rigging or the oceans strength as she sighs while her waves and tempests follow the moons gentle tug