Friday, January 15, 2010


Sable Carlisle the raven tressed archeologist sometimes philosophy student gently unearthed a shiny object from the tawny golden sands. Beneath her well formed hands a mystery slowly revealed itself.

She brushed these same hands across raised symbols on what, as it emerged appeared to her eyes to be a gong of some sort.

Sable squinted those intriguing hazel hued eyes in the brisk afternoon sun.

This dig had obsessed her and some of her comrades. Many times she had consulted her charts, maps and geography notes. Yes this was the one she mused as she unfolded an old scratched up parchment.

Upon second inspection she scrutinized golden artwork circling about the large gong shaped object. These, she pondered must be symbols of a sort. However whom or which culture did they belong to? Her mind accessed her mental library.

Here on this gong she saw a meticulously crafted pattern that depicted some type of ancient brick castle.

Working her fingertips in a sweeping counter clockwise motion she traced along over the archaic symbols.

Her eyes delighted in the artful symbols and she mused at their archaic meanings. She scratched down notes on her floral notepad, beginning a primitive list of sorts

Sci~fi technical jargon take two
All rights reserved, copyright 2006
Sable Carlisle the raven tressed archeologist sometimes philosophy student gently unearthed a shiny object from the tawny golden sands
Sable Carlisle is a registered copyrighted character, all rights reserved nothing or any part of this can be stolen or used without permission of the author

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Panther Girls Sketches fantasy artwork

These are practice sketches for a film noir or sci-fi character

that are in transitional phases,

I work daily on the sketches of changelings,

Half feline, partially woman, All fantastical in my studio, Sea Dreams by the Sea, All dream phases

Friday, January 1, 2010

where dream worlds,

years gone-past, a new year on the wings, fate, destiny still fills my troubled mind as

I forage through books, letters, vintage deco items and many talismans if you will of my past shop, Clothes Encounters

which at one time resided in Seabrook Texas, Ike the monstrous storm finished off the small building so that re-occupancy for us would be impossible,

the landlord owner had to forestall much and get down to the nitty grity of refurbishing and rebuild of the property, yes it was a rental space for my shop once long ago.

One ponders often of all that transpired many years back, what was accomplished, what could have been changed if fate would again her hand play, and this time one might flourish the winning hand.

Whom has passed over and whom remains, did I have a visitor to my home, a hesitant benevolent harbinger spirit pausing in my living room just in front of the picture window that New Years eve at about One as the clock strikes?

Was I half bidden to join the harbinger while gently disturbed from my sleep, Sleep that wondrous half state, half delirium, where dream worlds, also beckon.

This dream world where turmoil and mayhem seem only just a plot twist, there abide so many answers to much of life's mysteries, yet these mysteries of life too still beckon,
yet with the minds strong hold standing steadfast, half sensing what evolves beyond the shadowed curtains, the other worlds, a clinging foothold, the minds fail safe mechanism, conscience watchdog, a fortress of mentalities, should I half contemplate that first step, or rather that first somber slumber like rest?

Should one heed, Ones tell tale grip on this world, our world, Alas here on Terra Firma quite safe my sanity retains? NO, Yet remains nor does it or am I quite dreaming once again..,