Sunday, April 26, 2009

dreams from unreel deludings

Poor woman in soup line, she’s lost to thoughts of times gone by and better tymes yet to show in crowded town. She wears her old brown dress, forlorn look we are one in meaning in time cast away meanings sown into the hem of my bright saffron garment oriental doll falls from shelf and takes on a humans life serves me rice steamed and flavored with delicate herbs avails my senses
Ice-skating, so then Birds on lake
Shrimp boats at evening time on lake
A child hiding behind a Christmas tree
Ice-skating in fancy costumes snowflakes falling as child is peering outside from inside frosty windowpanes
Ticker tape parade upstairs gingerbread men dancing fades to scene of couple in 1930’s movie
Diamonds falling from clouds
Person running from hunters
Man at piano with determined look, playing in the nightclub show at the “Night Owl” lounge
Bee buzzing through garden with rain drops falling our minds eye is free so cat watching from nearby lilac gatherers New Orleans at Mardi Gras Horse carriage during gone with the wind show scene turns to whisk of smoke mind is now seeing carp fish swimming, coy fish wearing rain boots in cartoon with fishing rods as it were guns shark in water trying to eat fisherman barber shop man as clients hobo with a backpack factory workers in ragged clothes mouse scampering with his cheese scrambling across very highly waxed floor. Spider in web with moonlight glistening on web humming woman combing her hair, Ice-skating
Fisherman in boat on a big sea with moonlight heavenly moonlight glistening on harpoons edge; souls torment senses clash feelings real emotions lost on a last cast
Performers with bloomers and butterfly wings champagne toasts for two
Silent movie characters
Monkeys in an old cartoon with coconuts fisherman at market in Arab country in the past, horses running with surries in France on a field or on a track drama actress looking up sadly from kneeling position at rich tycoon madman African chief making his entrance perched high atop an elephant with gold tassels swinging from the brocade saddle pads
“Rhapsody in Blue” George Gershwin
1970’s blue truck traveling down a dusty old road. Lilly pad with frog dance with feathers and rhinestones orchestra in white on stage with tails tuxedos elephant caravan dancing elephants swans on lake soldiers on stage women with dance costumes parade in street oriental soldiers geisha girl hiding in the shadows, veiled by satin and brocade dragon embroidered green curtains
rain drops on garden forest man at piano in black tuxedo and top hat ballerina on stage with moonlight and stardust tap dancers in red. Horses running in moonlight canoe on lake being paddled by Indian maiden waitress in cafĂ© running herself ragged safari caravan King Kong movie Theater called Santa Rosa clown dancing on stage in white with red dots flamingos in pond swimmers in pool with fountain perform dance sequence Majorette with 1960’s costume and baton twirling cartoon like strip tease from early history man lady on park bench