Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fast Chevy, will travel

My bags are packed, and I am startin' on this sentimental journey to Vintage fashions & summer school, Pirates of Penzance premiers this june or July and Roll call begins soon at my college, ~ I will see Ya in the Funny Papers, Good Night and Have a pleasant tomorrow!

Sexy Square dance dresses

Yeah, I managed to purchase least three dresses in the sort of similar style. and one Vintage soft tiered white nylon petticoat or crinoline

Pirate Girl outfit

Avast Ye Mate that a fine set of Pirate pin~up treasure Ye be wearin'

Sparkle Gal

Western Wear that was sparkle shine and scratchy!

Mob moll and sparkle Gal

Two pin~up pictures as I studied my film classix for college

Agent Provocateur

sold on ebay and I missed this artwork

Pirate pin~up Beauty

She has a little heart beauty mark near her heart!

pin~up arts galore

Ah for the Gypsy in Thy soul, My Lady!

pretty pin~ups

Just a touch of Hawaii from my art port folios, the drums are calling to you, don't you hear them. I can see the Tikis eyes glowing citrine orange fires!

Calamity Janes gonna get the gun powder

Better Bet yore Boots Pawdner!

Dredged up a pin~up or Two

While I pondered weak and weary,

Avante Garde

Just passing through all my previous past~times

Maebel's Cat House Mayven

Guess Who and ya get a tipporillo

Maebel's Cat House

My favorite pin~up photo

Panther girls GRRRowl

Island Time, just Ahead Captain!

My first pin~up dream devoted to fantasy artwork, my age at time of illustration sweet 17! The panther may eat you up!

Calling All Car, Calling all Cars,

Be on the look out for Galleon Gal's blog with more pin ups that the Law would allow!

Pinup on the run ~ and or Else

Here are more than just a little side line gossip, get the low down, show down~

Pinup photos

Just a few of my art endeavors and a little taste of my pin~up Film Noir Mayvens ward robes adventures in Detective Eddy Valentine's world! Stay tuned to Galleon Gal's blog for more upbeat news

Web design for Vintage clothing Sales

Lately I have been torn between two or three loves, those loves being the following items not in this particular order,
vintage decor,
and drum roll please illustrating my pin ups of my cat girls, Puurrr,
I have started my latest artworking on Margarita, a Can can dancer and I am remodeling my house so that I can keep vintage dresses intact for my mannequin,
so What should I name her?
Let me know what your ideas are, leave a message in my guest book por favor!