Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beautiful Cordelia Garden Party Eyelet Sundress

Cordelia liked lemon meringue pies and fried clams in the same dinner with lots of sweet tea and warm biscuits with honey.

She loved gardens in summer and had prize roses she loved like children.
In her closet she kept an array of beautiful hats she was too shy to wear often, but loved trying on.

Her name was like her Grandma's and she was as beautiful and interesting as she remembered her Grandma having been. Only she was blessed with a headful of bouncy raven curls and soft green eyes.

Her Grandma would love how she had turned out !

I love the soft classic feel of an eyelet dress with a twirly skirt. This skirt has cute lace peeking out from the twirly skirt and a tiny bit of netting to help it puff at the hemline.

I found a simple eyelet dress and recreated it to attend more parties. It is fully lined and has a soft taupe striped raw cut chiffon trim around the neckline to make it fun. The trim has a single golden champagne raw cut satin flower.

The dress has a swishy taupe stretch netting sash that is optional. It can also be used as a wrap on chilly nights or as a scarf.
Start planning your garden party with this dress and a list of great friends.

Size - Small to Medium

Bust - 34-36

Waist - 30-32"

Hips - free

Length - 38" shoulder to eyelet hem-lace extends 3" longer

Model is a small(size5ish) and the dress is a little big for her. It is pinned a little in back to tighten it.

Dry clean only. Recycled from a previously worn garment. The trim is raw cut and will continue to fray.
Please Note Author of above Colorada

Please Note this dress is artfully created by Featured Etsy Artisan Colarada

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