Friday, September 11, 2009

Mayven of Film Noir

Basically I am a Film Noir Mayven in all my studies, Film Noir writing endeavors and Just in My dreams, Many things one wishes to accomplish as one studies the Film Noir Eras, The clothing, the Architecture and the Movie Stars that portrayed the Villians, Femme Fatals, ~ And Heros and Heroines,

Many fashion books have I sketched from, Many times and hours spent articulating in my many blogs, diaries and notations about pairing the modern with the Original Film Noir Vintage fashions,
A simple black lace embellished sexy body or swim suit meant to hug and caress the curves of a voluptuous woman, paired with wool, nylon, or sateen look business of After Five Vintage attire. With Just a touch of Evil, may we see rhinestones at the throat or rhinestone earrings kissing delicate shell like ears.
Shoes take center stage as many Italian designers created fabulosa silver, black, mauve and navy blue shoes to choose from. Paired with an astounding Vintage dress or gown, adorning the feet of selective ladies these designer shoes peek mysteriously from beneath tell tale swashes and swirles of silky, diaphanous, lustrous materials, shipped from far away ports and exotic destinations, some from Hong Kong, others from the location of Brazil or even tropical paradises such as Hawaii~

My favorite all time material is Bark Cloth, dresses from Hawaii, ~ Tactile, sensations, feeling the rough hewn edges and the Deju Vue atmosphere of a Cocktail lounge and the reeling in the feeling of a torch singer, She stands alone, or perhaps in her glittering gown she is accompanied by a virtuosa playing war time rhythms on a melodic and beautiful piano as the brass section and the french horn croon in the backdrop. But enough sentimentality for now

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