Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gleanings of a Suit case & sordid tales

Dear diary;
As I watched enthralled at another Film Noir plot unravel.., the hero was just reaching for his revolver, breathless the plot unraveled, now our detective is no more than just a stones throw from catching the villian as his well plotted plan of action slowly unwinds before the viewers.., distractions everyday, just dreams yet unaccomplished
I found or chanced upon a rather old suit case. As curiosity stole at my minds attentions, I approched the old thing, Then opened the latches wearily, absently and rather unknowingly..,
Inside I found a grey wool dress rather like the 1940's version of a librarian or secretary. The garments tags are stenciled with the words Corporate Woman tailored exclusively for Martin Marx specialty stores. Also the words made in Hong Kong were written in with the stenciled style lettering, same as the other dress labels. Size 10
A tag Admonishing sternly to the new or newest dresses owner, professionally dry clean only with perchloroethylene is cleanly worded on the dress tags. There was an id tag RN 8235523
Jerry Lewis could make a mad scientists skit on television from the scientific words for the dry cleaning fluids that are printed on the dress tags!
Along with the wool dress there was a dark cocoa tint belt that read bac a belt and was stamped by the good housekeeping label.
The dress had two false pockets at the waist, featured a long skirt and one real rather stylish pocket above the left breast of the garment..,
Also inside this marvel of marvel historical treasures suit cases I found the Hawaii shirt my father wore long ago for it is seen in many photos of their trip to Hawaii, my mother won this wonderful trip from Roper ranges. At the time I was only a small girl, eight years old.

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