Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Featured Etsy Artisan Colorada

I make imaginative clothes to remind us of ways people used to live and think that aren't part of our everyday lives. I love to use retro styles and bits of vintage clothing and fabrics to make a fun expression of another reality, like opening a book and reading a story. My favorite styles are from the 40's and 50's and I love kitschy 50's housewife styles along with anything romantic or adventurous from that era. I make one of a kind wedding dresses for people who want something more expressive and romantic than the usual fare.

I have been making clothes since I was very young and playing with styles in my mind for longer than that. I wore a sari to my high school football game and made halter tops from vintage hawaiian table napkins with a gorgeous printed orchid motif on them. I enjoy sewing and designing as a creative release and because I love more styles than I can wear and want to spread creativity everywhere. I add little stories to some of my clothing descriptions because it makes them fun and exciting, like giving them a little history or personality.

Beautiful Cordelia Garden Party Eyelet Sundress

Cordelia liked lemon meringue pies and fried clams in the same dinner with lots of sweet tea and warm biscuits with honey.

She loved gardens in summer and had prize roses she loved like children.
In her closet she kept an array of beautiful hats she was too shy to wear often, but loved trying on.

Her name was like her Grandma's and she was as beautiful and interesting as she remembered her Grandma having been. Only she was blessed with a headful of bouncy raven curls and soft green eyes.

Her Grandma would love how she had turned out !

I love the soft classic feel of an eyelet dress with a twirly skirt. This skirt has cute lace peeking out from the twirly skirt and a tiny bit of netting to help it puff at the hemline.

I found a simple eyelet dress and recreated it to attend more parties. It is fully lined and has a soft taupe striped raw cut chiffon trim around the neckline to make it fun. The trim has a single golden champagne raw cut satin flower.

The dress has a swishy taupe stretch netting sash that is optional. It can also be used as a wrap on chilly nights or as a scarf.
Start planning your garden party with this dress and a list of great friends.

Size - Small to Medium

Bust - 34-36

Waist - 30-32"

Hips - free

Length - 38" shoulder to eyelet hem-lace extends 3" longer

Model is a small(size5ish) and the dress is a little big for her. It is pinned a little in back to tighten it.

Dry clean only. Recycled from a previously worn garment. The trim is raw cut and will continue to fray.
Please Note Author of above Colorada

Please Note this dress is artfully created by Featured Etsy Artisan Colarada

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Trespassers of the Mind's eye

Once in awhile things just seem to want to be published or perhaps one tends to dwell upon unvanquished, unrequited musings, accomplishments or just some flutter of creative playthings wings glance upon my mental reserves, pounce onto my minds eye or they keep dodging my reserves, scratching at my minds portal, begging to be let in and freed once more in my minds playground a transgression in the pools of tranquil waters, the mind so clearly defends itself from marauding thoughts and inspirations so they will, SO I shall, One must create to live, One must answer the urgent call

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pirate Feather Hat

Sparkle Pirate Boots, Elizabeth Swan would love! Pistol included

Alas, this pirate Lass has a blunderbuss or pistol ready to shot any pirate that causes trouble and does not honor the pirate code

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just Looking for A Sunset

Here along with all my friends, I wish to find peace from the torture of the helacious work schedules

Sunday, September 27, 2009

kitty Ahoy

this is the smaller version of kitty ahoy

Friday, September 11, 2009

Mayven of Film Noir

Basically I am a Film Noir Mayven in all my studies, Film Noir writing endeavors and Just in My dreams, Many things one wishes to accomplish as one studies the Film Noir Eras, The clothing, the Architecture and the Movie Stars that portrayed the Villians, Femme Fatals, ~ And Heros and Heroines,

Many fashion books have I sketched from, Many times and hours spent articulating in my many blogs, diaries and notations about pairing the modern with the Original Film Noir Vintage fashions,
A simple black lace embellished sexy body or swim suit meant to hug and caress the curves of a voluptuous woman, paired with wool, nylon, or sateen look business of After Five Vintage attire. With Just a touch of Evil, may we see rhinestones at the throat or rhinestone earrings kissing delicate shell like ears.
Shoes take center stage as many Italian designers created fabulosa silver, black, mauve and navy blue shoes to choose from. Paired with an astounding Vintage dress or gown, adorning the feet of selective ladies these designer shoes peek mysteriously from beneath tell tale swashes and swirles of silky, diaphanous, lustrous materials, shipped from far away ports and exotic destinations, some from Hong Kong, others from the location of Brazil or even tropical paradises such as Hawaii~

My favorite all time material is Bark Cloth, dresses from Hawaii, ~ Tactile, sensations, feeling the rough hewn edges and the Deju Vue atmosphere of a Cocktail lounge and the reeling in the feeling of a torch singer, She stands alone, or perhaps in her glittering gown she is accompanied by a virtuosa playing war time rhythms on a melodic and beautiful piano as the brass section and the french horn croon in the backdrop. But enough sentimentality for now

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mirabelle and Lucinda

Mirabelle was named for a night club in Kemah Texas that was ravaged by Hurricane Ike
Lucinda was named for my friends mom

JeansVintageCloset on Etsy - Profile

JeansVintageCloset on Etsy - Profile: ""

Mirabelles Diary

Today Mirabelle and Lucinda joined the gallery of vintage women workers that I have in my studio so that she can model vintage clothes and Burlesque items. She is with Mizz foamy and Chance the wonder teen mannequin, Chance is hiding behind her All Hallows Eve black sparkle Mask

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Film Noir dress diary

Has been so long now That One even wonders Why the mind seeks back into the cob webs of the conscience, Never the less, There is history to be revealed, and rich memories to embellish upon..,the plot thickens

Film Noir black dress

This dress is my treasue, and I will always cherish the dress!

1940s Beautiful Film Noir black dress

There is no way I could ever sell this dress

Friday, August 21, 2009

Pirate Diary

Since Sparrow's a pirate, you can't expect him to tread in the foot steps of a saint,
~ Will he chose the cheater's way out and double cross his companions by bargaining with what is not his right or will Captain Sparrow answer to his troubled conscience tonight, Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beautiful Flapper costume

Here is the pinup girl modeling the 1920's flapper style vintage look

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

New Etsy banner

This is one version of the new banner for my Etsy home page

Monday, July 27, 2009

old deodorant pictures

This is the picture that I had worked with for my Jeans Vintage closet. She is cute, but I love my panther and lady and my Can Can girl the most Margarhite is green eyed and most beautiful, besides, I OWN the copyright to the Greg's Isle (panther and Lady) and The Can Can dancer as I am the original artist!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tiger and Geisha artwork

This is one of my favorite art projects I made a cd cover at college
If you would like to see my artwork that is for sale please click the green title above Tiger and Geisha artwork

Sunday, April 26, 2009

dreams from unreel deludings

Poor woman in soup line, she’s lost to thoughts of times gone by and better tymes yet to show in crowded town. She wears her old brown dress, forlorn look we are one in meaning in time cast away meanings sown into the hem of my bright saffron garment oriental doll falls from shelf and takes on a humans life serves me rice steamed and flavored with delicate herbs avails my senses
Ice-skating, so then Birds on lake
Shrimp boats at evening time on lake
A child hiding behind a Christmas tree
Ice-skating in fancy costumes snowflakes falling as child is peering outside from inside frosty windowpanes
Ticker tape parade upstairs gingerbread men dancing fades to scene of couple in 1930’s movie
Diamonds falling from clouds
Person running from hunters
Man at piano with determined look, playing in the nightclub show at the “Night Owl” lounge
Bee buzzing through garden with rain drops falling our minds eye is free so cat watching from nearby lilac gatherers New Orleans at Mardi Gras Horse carriage during gone with the wind show scene turns to whisk of smoke mind is now seeing carp fish swimming, coy fish wearing rain boots in cartoon with fishing rods as it were guns shark in water trying to eat fisherman barber shop man as clients hobo with a backpack factory workers in ragged clothes mouse scampering with his cheese scrambling across very highly waxed floor. Spider in web with moonlight glistening on web humming woman combing her hair, Ice-skating
Fisherman in boat on a big sea with moonlight heavenly moonlight glistening on harpoons edge; souls torment senses clash feelings real emotions lost on a last cast
Performers with bloomers and butterfly wings champagne toasts for two
Silent movie characters
Monkeys in an old cartoon with coconuts fisherman at market in Arab country in the past, horses running with surries in France on a field or on a track drama actress looking up sadly from kneeling position at rich tycoon madman African chief making his entrance perched high atop an elephant with gold tassels swinging from the brocade saddle pads
“Rhapsody in Blue” George Gershwin
1970’s blue truck traveling down a dusty old road. Lilly pad with frog dance with feathers and rhinestones orchestra in white on stage with tails tuxedos elephant caravan dancing elephants swans on lake soldiers on stage women with dance costumes parade in street oriental soldiers geisha girl hiding in the shadows, veiled by satin and brocade dragon embroidered green curtains
rain drops on garden forest man at piano in black tuxedo and top hat ballerina on stage with moonlight and stardust tap dancers in red. Horses running in moonlight canoe on lake being paddled by Indian maiden waitress in cafĂ© running herself ragged safari caravan King Kong movie Theater called Santa Rosa clown dancing on stage in white with red dots flamingos in pond swimmers in pool with fountain perform dance sequence Majorette with 1960’s costume and baton twirling cartoon like strip tease from early history man lady on park bench

Sunday, March 29, 2009

crochet catalogue w/vintage after 5 ensembles

Oriental Screen, and the likes of those intrigues

Along with some of the bevy of oriental treasures I have saved this oriental screen with carvings on both sides seems to speak to me daily of the beauty of a culture from a foreign land, since my sewing room, vintage room or wreck room as the girls call it houses many curiosities. Such as my well deserved sewing machine, old patterns and vintage clothing collection, one of which is the pretty pin up pink pj's

Gleanings of a Suit case & sordid tales

Dear diary;
As I watched enthralled at another Film Noir plot unravel.., the hero was just reaching for his revolver, breathless the plot unraveled, now our detective is no more than just a stones throw from catching the villian as his well plotted plan of action slowly unwinds before the viewers.., distractions everyday, just dreams yet unaccomplished
I found or chanced upon a rather old suit case. As curiosity stole at my minds attentions, I approched the old thing, Then opened the latches wearily, absently and rather unknowingly..,
Inside I found a grey wool dress rather like the 1940's version of a librarian or secretary. The garments tags are stenciled with the words Corporate Woman tailored exclusively for Martin Marx specialty stores. Also the words made in Hong Kong were written in with the stenciled style lettering, same as the other dress labels. Size 10
A tag Admonishing sternly to the new or newest dresses owner, professionally dry clean only with perchloroethylene is cleanly worded on the dress tags. There was an id tag RN 8235523
Jerry Lewis could make a mad scientists skit on television from the scientific words for the dry cleaning fluids that are printed on the dress tags!
Along with the wool dress there was a dark cocoa tint belt that read bac a belt and was stamped by the good housekeeping label.
The dress had two false pockets at the waist, featured a long skirt and one real rather stylish pocket above the left breast of the garment..,
Also inside this marvel of marvel historical treasures suit cases I found the Hawaii shirt my father wore long ago for it is seen in many photos of their trip to Hawaii, my mother won this wonderful trip from Roper ranges. At the time I was only a small girl, eight years old.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fish Reflections

Here is some aquatic art that I illustrated on wood with pencils

some vintage reference materials I love

I am a pirate at heart but yowza wowza look at this old package for hosiery!

sketches for practice

these are some of the sketches I worked on. I found the etruscan dancer in one of my fashion books

antique furniture

Also here is some of my artwork from today

Vintage Decor and New web design

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tiki man in old Cadillac

This was the most fun I have had in art class in awhile!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Vintage Continued

Many dresses and outfits and accessories will be featured on my web site!

some of my vintage clothes

pirate costume I have for sexy pirate Wench pin~ups

Vintage brocade seamstress made two piece dress

Oriental red jacket

This gorgeous jacket will be for sale on my website

Western dress blouse and skirt

These gorgeous dresses have benn sold from Etsy

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fast Chevy, will travel

My bags are packed, and I am startin' on this sentimental journey to Vintage fashions & summer school, Pirates of Penzance premiers this june or July and Roll call begins soon at my college, ~ I will see Ya in the Funny Papers, Good Night and Have a pleasant tomorrow!