Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Personal journal *
Some say I’m not the Cadillac of artists. Never know if an inspiration is arriving or departing. Nevertheless, always creating, always working to take the beauty that surrounds me and place this wonderful world as I see it on my canvas.
Since I was a young child, the beauty of my world exists in my mother’s maritime artwork and oil paintings. My teacher and mentor will always remain my mother.
A summary of my hopes and dreams revolves around the life lessons I was taught by the wise advice and values my mother practiced daily. Those values are honesty, respect for the earth, our animals and wildlife, and putting your heart and soul into your art creations. My favorite saying will always be the mentor as always stands in the shadow of the master. Sweet dreams the shrimp boat in my mother’s oil painting was what my small child’s eyes gazed upon as my dreams evolved. Emotional, inspirational, yet always seeking, my mind’s eye roves about, seeking the visions I yearn to place upon my canvas
Somehow my dreams are always seeking the shining brightness of familiar pathways. Some of these unfamiliar pathways may not be as I would love them to be.
Someday my ship will arrive in port. Perhaps the boat will be Sweet Dreams personified suddenly, entirely, straight out of the beautiful portrait. Perhaps my ship will be a large and powerful sailboat; after all, I lived on a 28 foot Columbia sailboat for two years. The Mel fisher Atocha coin that I wear around my neck is my talisman for the years spent living aboard the old boat in that Clear Lake Texas area marina.
Let me show you where my destiny lies now. Climb aboard my dream boat, step up the stone steps. Here once more my gypsy soul wonders, as I always will remain a roaming gypsy artist. Would you care to join me in tonight’s activities? I hear the music adventures and stories tonight will really be most awesome.