Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Memoirs of a swede

When granddad was 6 years old he had to take his rifle with him. Children went in groups to school, rifles in hand. There were wolves and death lurking in the countryside. The bolt was placed beside rifles in gun rack. No bolts in rifles while in school.
First job at 8 years of age was marking timber. My Grandfather's father was Post-master trading post. Grandfather, his dad marries titled royal blood Danish Norwegian this was in Denmark.
At age 12 he was given a 30 caliber rifle, a Mouser and 5 rounds clip, He had only 3 shots to drive nail head into the wood where it had been started, if he did not drive the nail head into the wood, he received a whipping. His dad had started a huge nail into a board. Summer camp was required each summer in the army.
Andrew Hawkinson shot his initials in the blacksmith’s weathervane. When granddad was ten, a crossbow arrow hit him below his right eye. His eye popped out of the socket. Granddad went to see the gypsy woman and she placed his eye back into the socket. When he wanted to see something with the injured eye he turned his head rather than attempting to work with the injured eyeball. Later, the eye healed.
Summer camp each summer, in the Army, he had no alternative and faced two years of compulsory service. He left home at the age of fifteen years. He was a cabin boy in the merchant marine.
He won a rifle in a shooting contest while attending summer camp. He had an Arab girlfriend. There was a ring he needed to go into the Arab camp without this ring he faced certain death.
Sea Wife, A sailor preferred a Sea wife while he was away from home. She would sew clothing. They were called the sew sew girls. Chinese women would play wife for so much and take care of you for a price.
South America, one of his shipmates was shooting street lights out along the dock. They were able bodied seamen on a ship. Granddad said,” You can’t hit the broad side of a barn”. He took his pistol and shot out the lights.
Authorities came looking for granddad. His shipmate said,” The Swede did it”. Granddad had a big Ben on a heavy, big heavy chain. Big biscuit watch. He used the watch as a blackjack in fights, and in bar room brawls he used it as a slapstick weapon.
My Grandfather had a fear that German torpedoes would sink his ship and for this reason he could not sleep on the ship at night. On one of The ships hit land mines and blew the bow off of the ship. One crewmate shook him awake. He was able to flee a sitiuation that would have left him derelict. Red Cross would not help him without money. Salvation Army gave him shoes.
Actual occurance* 1917 Halifax explosion ship scraped sides with a French freighter. Dynamite. The NY Mirror Newspaper. 1922 quit water mine blew the bow off the ship. Halifax explosion blew 87 holes in ship he was on. There was a 33 member crew, only nine survived. The explosion cracked rock bottom harbor. My grandfather had a loss of hearing, and they put a sign on him that instructed if this man acts strange, take him to the hospital.
First thing that he heard when he regained his hearing was the clanging bell of a trolley car. He hit the deck. The policeman found him and said to him, “what’s wrong are you drunk?” The policeman discovered the sign about my grandfather’s neck and took him back to the hospital.
Florida and the running of hooch*
Granddad had to leave Florida. He was running hooch with a 40-foot boat with twin wolverine engines. The coast guard used seaplanes to catch hooch runners. Granddad dumped his cargo load. The load of straw had smelled like hooch. The authorities warned him if they ever caught him within the next ten years, they would put his face away in jail.
He was in jail, hooscal, and kept quiet inside his cell so that the attending prison officer would fall asleep on his post. Suddenly granddad shouted “Achtung, achtung and startled the guard into reverie. The German officer said” You damen Swede!, I shoot you” January 1958 September 57 lost Swen baby 56 to a heart attack.
Swedes law the next of kin inherit. He quit harvest timber Swedish government replants timber. Hard tack bread, kanacuberie tough bread. smoke house hole round middle break it
Anti room when the temperature is fifty below zero, and you are in near proximity above the Arctic circle. Saunas where the finish rolled in the dry snow.
Sea realted tales The boson was power on board ship with the cat and nine tails.
The story of the Cossack; Granddad called the Russian a jackass. He overheard some persons walking around him mumble the words. Croussouk”, which meant hello jackass. The soldier whipped him. He heard some women say this word.

Halifax explosion ww1 1917 Grandad was serving on his ship headed for Halifax Canada. The article in US Mirror New York papers not correct Granddad was on the ship and they scraped sides with Frenchman. When side of ship gdads scraped with Frenchies sparks flew. The tide was going out and confused on signals international law every things government. French’s got to island explosion broke windows 25 miles seven people survived gdad was an able bodied seaman. there was 200 tons of tnt blew 87 holes in granddads ship, put ship on dry land. explosion steel splinters in his arm to the day he spoke to my dad. went flying back to boat to pull shell out of canon pointed toward city. gdad was up on deck watching, started down ladder kaboom lights out.
My version of memoirs, taken on a creative turn; Memoirs are copyrighted and pending publication. these memoirs are my legacy of the name I will carry to my last resting place