Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Captain Pendance Addendum

The wind that blew or rather ruffled through his fur was chilling. Wily plans had been stealthily crafted made from directives, then passed paw to paw under disguise and secretively. His mind was set everything happenstance began to fall into place, step by step motive by motive. He had made decision after decision.
Now he checked again a call sequence, then burned the image into his quick-witted brain and quickly destroyed the precious coded information. All necessary elements and events had turned up and turned over resulting in the evening’s rendezvous. For now he had a place marker in time and had to relay the scenario of moves and traveling to his long time once removed partner. Pendance hove to, standing patiently by at the helm of the mint green-hulled sea rover. He reached into his tunic and pulled from its depths a talisman. Ruby eyes reflected light from the jeweled charm poised about his well-muscled neck. Pendance muttered something rather strange under his breath and his whiskers twitched as he mouthed several phrases of bizarre speech patterns.
Something seemed to begin movements. To the unwary and travel weary eyes what was now transpiring would be deemed most impossible. The talisman took on a life all on its own accord. It raised a golden feline head and light shone from ruby eyes. It twitched a long golden tail and leapt from it fastenings from Pendances furred neck.
The necklace creature landed gracefully upon the wheel of the sea rover and turned its translucent eyed gaze upon Pendance. Some form of mental communication seemed to be electrically charged in the air and the telepathic elements migrated from the mind of Pendance through to the golden animals spirit. The creature nodded, somehow it acquiesced what had been balanced on delicate brain waves and then disappeared into the ships navigational console.
A soft purring voiced the silent moment into reverie. Jarvon seemingly melted into the cockpit having alighted from his sea vessel sometime during or perhaps after the transference of minds. He held onto full underwater exploration gear and a held up a soft black sea eels skin duffel decorated with a red star emblazoned with a silver lightning strike piercing straight through the celestial stars very heart.
So even now Jarvon still dives for treasures unknown Pendance mentally tabulated in his ever racing mind. “Welcome to home and hearth, sparring brother”, Pendance recited officially.
“We are far from the welcome fires of home, although we have warm companions” Jarvon retorted.
Mademoiselle shyly understood reference to her presence.
“Let us arrive at our destination refreshed and unfettered”, Pendance offered. Mademoiselle was truly desirous of a nights rest and decided to retire to the cabins welcome warmth.
“We shall divide the watch”, Jarvon advised, although his eyes were musingly filled with Silvertone’s feline silhouette as she descended the companionway. Her eyes were drawn to the night skylines radiance. Many colors composed the eye pleasing tones and colors of this night’s sunset. As she slowly descended into the lower portion of the sea rover where the cabins were housed, her eyes were deprived of the remnants of the marvelous Santara nine sunset..
All this constant wondering about her last missions. Safe she remained for this one moment in time. Jarvon was well disciplined in expert strategic defenses. His keen senses, and lightning flash reactions to sinister stalkings of the enemy would astound any first yearling cub.

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