Friday, October 24, 2008

Pirate costumes

This is one of the two I have on ebay My ebay auction name is gudngone

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

panther with green ice in background

this panther with the green ice in the background was also created with watercolor pencils

panther artwork

The panther you see was created using watercolor pencils on theater scenery remnants

Monday, October 6, 2008

Halloween prayer

Halloween Prayer
Lethargy Sheer folly you mock me?

Reconstituting my stores such a shame this place in my self proclaimed
Zanado, my costumers pretenders Palace pirate lair, Rapunzel let down thy hair
Oh how it has transcended into an updo, no undo my beehive, that’s all hand jive,
Oh the disco ball of unhappiness, the crystal ball of drunkenness, the butterfly of remorse
A horse is a horse of course, yet a horse of a different color shall then be termed less worth?
Then is a brilliantly hued unicorn perchance my knave, with colors washing in its mane
Yet ride thy fleeting steed through the fanciful village hence a night of disco jelly and pomade
Warning in a baritone voice, or just an Irish tenor such splendor, A minstrel’s midnight serenade
You doubt me naysayer, - justly so, a cat has nine tails, yet that is lives, yet only he knows
Keelhaul, nor better yet the stocks for thee, arrived now gypsy caravan fortune in the wind blows
I find myself quite out of sorts, No wait I have a better name
A sheer happenstance, just one more claim to my misfortunate fame, -\
Alas my sequined daring do darling pirate Lass, you stand unrequited yet once again
This is so disheveled reverted and converted and convoluted what’s a fool to do!
Amok time that fever pitch drum beat in the blood beseech me understand Vulcanizes for you
Yes, this is the Amok time of the year, in the corner ye see
Half invisible fairy tale creature sneezes; Harry Potter fantasy fairy tale messenger owl’s wings test the air and watch how she fares on the air and subtle breezes!
The time for costumes, ploys, pleasures, buried treasures, mustaches, beards,
A parrots screech, a murmured oath, moonlights glint on polished steel,
Prisoners we, damsels for ransom, held bondage, a madman clad in black at the ships wheel
Conniving, convincing, night walking, night stalking, monsters, mavens’ mayhem and glee,
Moppets with top hats, urchins, waifs and seafarers clad in sheer tomfoolery
Ploys King Lear’s laughter echoing through the great halls, servants and pirate wenches scandalously clad, glad lastly, lustily laughter pealing through the castle walls
Hark my ears do decry, Arouse the watch, my heart befalls
It is aghast and is under the spell of a medium a witches cat,
Much more than for now she wishes cat nips and mouse whiskers twitches
Like the chapel bells peals that rings peace across the troubled precipice
Servant apprentice girls in indigo stitches, breathing discontent, boatswains, pirate’s sea witches
Highwaymen, robbers Fingers on triggers of blunderbuss, pistols fingers twitches
Coyly giggling behind youthfully outstretched hands, beneath powdered palms, whispers of wishes of dishes, filled to the brim with fine Damasks silks, satin triumphs, bejeweled brooches sarsaparilla colored trinkets, treasures unknown bartered from deep sea fishes beneath sparkling turquoise seas from which are mined luminescent oyster pearls, fine red rubies, diamonds and frills for the taking. Yet yearning for such results my good fellow is the mere frivolous sin!
A pirate Life! Wanting yet waiting for such riches as these, women whisky and sin. Again and again! Steady now helmsman! Strike the hymn
Perplexing as it is as of not, how arrived ye Knave to this primeval spot?
Perhaps Ye be in guise of a tourist, vagabond, terror in the night, or bat on the wing,
Monster or monk, Satan or seraphim, torch singer or goddess, beggar or pirate King
Tweenager caught between trouble and mayhem, Methinks ye have found a great thing!
Sweet soul rest now, before thy horse runs lame
For this is in Ye cards doth the gypsy woman proclaim,
Weary, woe some Ye have traversed thusly following signs a cartographer’s map did decree, Weary, woe suffering from venomous plants that sting, Avast tis nearly time for our nightingale to sing. Make Ye self to the home hearth, For at last Ye have found your own worth