Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Six Cats poem

Six cats
Six cats proclaim this house as home
beyond these humble walls
6 cats proclaim these humans
as their own
what better reward could I partake
than the trusting gaze
of Cazpur gentle war veteran
perched purring like an Evinrude
upon young master's lap?
Midnight black Sable, she cat
peruses ever about
a "Who done that!" glance
for each and every one of her fellow cats.
So much like Mae West
is my Sable cat
But once Sable was espied
grooming wild bob tailed Whitney
Persian brat
"Sammy from Miami" we taunt and tease
falls oblivious on smoke colored ears.
Sam will do what he pleases
Tumble and snap growl roll romp leap high and roll
Our "Boys" are play fighting as usual
we are told
this house has now comfort we call it home.
Black and white patches Oreo
commander in chief
now patrols
with puffed out chest
on the outskirts for his castle
the ladies feline paws swats
at this indignant cat as struts he
paws swat indignantly at Oreo, Sam and Casper
Muskateer toms three
Soft furry socks with wrinkled brow
in some mouse dream
at last has found her own sunbeam
Then we bid good night to our furry friends all
we hold dear to our hearts
our Casper paw paw, teen Sammy, Mae west Sable, chief Oreo
Whitney brat and soft furry Socks
may they each catch that mouse or ever eluding Autumn leaf
edit process April 10, 08 per Professor Anderson

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