Monday, March 10, 2008

poems from sherlock's forrests


Echoing through vast untamed darkness
Trailing fading fast was her voice
Wolves in the nearby forest spat out blueberries
With grumbles and growls their fur did they lick
Her last thoughts were wise words from her mother
Dark clouds veiled a ghostly moon
All this transpires in her mind in a whir
She brought out from folds of her cloak, her magic needle
If she could only stitch fast the rope
That held her suspended from the rock cliff..,
Be careful what you wish for..,

just a wishfull List
Like jimmy buffett songs
Watercolor paintings
Childrens books
Macadamia nuts
Dove chocolate
Soft rugs


D. Brian Anderson said...


Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have a hard time getting people to visit it instead of Myspace. I'm impressed you write sestinas!

Galleon gal said...

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