Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tied with a silver chain

Tied with a silver chain
About my olive skinned neck lies the silver released from Senora Atocha a parting gift, the small talisman is, leaving me bereft of the blue eyed Irish sailor man I so loved, the Gilead’s balm from our lovers spat, his parting words as I looked into his blue eyes orbs of wonder and delicate delight “I thought this would be an appropriate gift for you beautiful and yet tragic all in the same time" yes tragic is good for now.
Here yes we have Mel Fisher’s treasures legendary Spanish gold memories of sailor’s times and voyages so bold where now there are only the legends left to retell and many wondrous stories of old in seafaring taverns are now still being told. and retold
Alons!, only the small coin is silver hung from a ring looped about my chain this same silver made a silver bar, Mon Deau! If only she could but speak how did this legendary shipwreck occur?, Were there storms and tempests two points off her starboard bow? How detrimental this price that had to be paid for the treasures abounding there in the crystal blue seas. Silver oh shining silver! So are the clouds so lined in my misty foggy dreams. reminded I am of "Silver Seas" one of the commissions for an older powerboat. she lies at anchor at the south shore harbor marina. patiently she is waiting, tugging at her mooring lines like a frisky filly complacently bobbing in the soft silky waters, waiting for the chance to peruse the waters under the soft silver glimmer of an October moon. What perils or paradise she may encounter only the winds that blow her on her way shall know again yes

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