Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tarry Naught

Science fiction ideas

Australians ever changing into what can only be termed changelings. The mutations brought about changes and even so there evolved some of what the scientists termed telepaths. They began to take on the physical capabilities similar to that of the humans. There eventually transforms creatures with improved manual dexterity, and much more rational and creative thinking processes. Due to the wars some of the animals were trained efficiently for sabotage and wartime missions. The eventual results could be blamed on the distant radiation and hyper drive evolution. Mans fears contributed to the eventual detriments of their own planet.
The Australian people are by far unique and their individuality mixes with the scientists. In the following ways these everyday habits and outward appearances evolve for the creatures the Australian hats, the bush mans clothing, the evolved traditions, and the Aussie speech patterns.
The scientists in their haste to save an entire species from certain and grisly doom have gathered animals from all over the continents. All types of creatures have been plucked from endangered species sanctuaries. The desperate scientists were giving their own lives for the sake of the animals. Better to gain knowledge as a scientist and giver of life than to be pressed into service for the madness of the military structure, which meant sure and certain death or worse. The animals had taken to space travel, for they instinctively recognized their flight from peril and worked to accomplish what humans of another nature had wrought. However in this plight of desperation there is mutation. The lifespan of some of the mammals and marsupials is increased. For the creatures who once before saw only the passing of a limited number of seasons, their Longevity now encompassed many more years of productive life. Thanks are given for the mutations so that these animals were able to accomplish much more than the greedy humans had intended them for.
The Australian scientists had gone through proverbial hell and high water, much water. The destruction of nature’s natural rhythms had caused the oceans waves to catapult over landmasses once safe from the wrath of nature. Their results were forms of skullduggery, carefully plotted out espionage sneaking about for safety, spying on warlords, conniving, and much underground and very secret works were performed. The animals did much of their duties with ease and precision, often skulking quietly among their food sources and the gardens that were kept secret to the enemy.
Eventually Animals and Australian scientists flee from war torn earth. Scientists Australians for the cause, the beasts barely escape war on Earth in interplanetary vessels. They blast off and catapult towards unknown solar systems off they go on adventures.
The course to the other planet was happened upon by sheer accident. A meteor shower caused an upset and the course was incidentally changed. The wrong controls were activated. There were injuries to some of the older human members, and alas to some of the animals.
Upon the ships reaching the planets surface, the earth animals meet the alien life. On this strange planet the animals both terran and alien reason out language. The ships crew is caring for the scientist’s offspring. The offspring of the scientists learned by necessary telepathic communication.
Ok be easy it is rather my first sci-fi attempt and nope I do not have any illustrations

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