Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Filtering down through the pale blue feather dream catcher the gossamer wings of dreams sail on butterfly wings until they reach the conscious of the medium or seeker, the circlet of the catcher is made from a sprightly willow sprig. The items placed upon the dream catcher's web signify the dreamer's life experiences.
I dreamed of a peaceful forest. My restless spirit I dreamed I was a rabbit soft brown furry. Wind gently rippled through my fur. I traveled elusively through beautiful moonlit forest it was fall leaves were falling all around an I felt a presence evident A troubled spirit sang out to me, and I tried to look for a way through the forest urgent there was a pathway needed. I wanted to guide him he was looking for a pathway back to a big area.
His heart was urgent something about a message yet unspoken

Something else or just rave and rant here.., elipsis
Bedrooms about the size of some rich folks closets
Where would everything go? Just looking about brought or calls to mind these familiar sayings; a place for everything, neat as a pin.
The color wheel of the art notations became a tell tale wheel from some bizarre carnival ride in my mind's eyes. Where would the blue tweed covered ottoman go? What nook or cranny would it adorn? A calico kitty comfortably groomed her multicolored fur. She paid no heed to arrangement she merely looked for comfort a place to stretch in her catlike gracefulness stretch out and enjoy the warmth of a stray sunbeam upon her feline back calico kitty orbs were shining open bright light reflecting a montage of scenes and predicaments how beautiful were those orbs wondrous..,
Science Fiction words or a beginning, to a passage

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