Saturday, February 23, 2008

the Igor chronicles

The Igor chronicles

And now a Special bulletin from ibgign news telecasters

Spokesman “ Is Igor single?”

Mad scientist, “Why yes, glad that you asked. He is most definitely, or should be at this time, most indubitably single

Commentator “How did you meet Igor?”

Scientist that is most mad “He was rummaging through the pet store for a new leash”

Telecaster shrugging at microphone cord tangling relentlessly into his butterfly collar, “I see a leash, and does he have a favorite pet?”

Scientist, pensive, musing, staring after a moth fluttering innocently by, “The leash was for his alter ego”

Telecaster, Nonplussed, scuffing his shoe in the pea gravel at the Happy Buddha restaurant parking lot, “ Did you say the leash was for his, Alter Ego?”

Scientist, becoming more and more distracted by the yellow sulfur butterflies squabbling over a flower blossom, ” Quite, yes, I do believe he posses one or several of those” in the background there are noises and mutterings in the oriental languages.

There are sounds of the motor of a car grumbling along, then the distinct sound of tires meshing grinding and smashing a path through what could only be pea gravel.

Scratch; crackle, snap, wavy lines, transmission garbled. Silence, frustration, human growling.

Oh, there you are again, Sorry, I was just tuning in to a local broadcast. Everyone should dabble in the creative writing sense it really helps with the stress levels. Ok so I was working on a couple of characters for my creative writing journal Let me see here lets go with naming the newscaster Last name Corbin. Yepo thats really a handy dandy fix, good name actually
Oh and Author's note; Every man alive should see the "Goodbye Girl" movie just the last scene. The rooftop scene, it should really strike home. Richard Dreyfas is really a great actor. Movie circa 1985
I smuggled the zip drive in along with the other bric and brac smashed into the choc co kitty backpack. Word is around campus that the dreaded mid-terms will soon be upon us all. Igor, How will I ever survive this world. Maybe a Mel Brooks movie or something.
Lets get something off the jump drive, title that puppy and publish that bad boy

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