Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cougars days or derelict

Author’s memoirs

Shining softly through reed and tree, moonlight often displays a mystery
Sensuous feline curves portray untold beauty,
Reminiscent of yesterday
She was created in the Era of the Ending 60’s
Motionless now for the time, patiently she awaits,
Unmarred by time, or elements, she awaits,
Another young heart she will soon captivate.
Beckon heart, and beckon soul, remain ablaze
Through headlights, that by vacuum actuate
Remain ablaze, to tell the tales of olden days,
When through many misty, foggy, summers night’s haze,
Beneath the sparkling starlight,
The metallic cat did scintillate,
Ablaze was her fire with a passion as great,
Powered by the 351 Cleveland to run did motivate,
To take off the line and dominate
The opponent, who though craftily made
From muscle car steel,
Could not overtake
The beautiful cougar
Of old, but not forgotten days.

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