Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Memoirs of a mad scientist

Ah yes, you see the frustration and drudgery of these mundane duties has gotten to me, weep bitter tears from hazel hued eyes. The winds of change breeze through my mind, tugging at the velvet cords that bind those books of memories stored in the attic of my mind.
Aye yes, young reader, shall all this beckon to thee? Stray forth upon the weathered deck, Aye, stand patient for my mere testimonies await they patient ear.
You shall hear Alvarez, sweet Spanish singer. I drew the steel stringed wooden instrument from the velvet-lined vessel. Then I held the cherished blond wood closer to my heart.
Alvarez, the name was now whispered in sonnets, fables and lore. Mighty timbers once swayed in forests breezes. Alvarez you were born from these same forests monarchs’ limbs.
Alas my pilgrim tip the tin cup forward, dip the small shiny cup into the pools of my mind’s stored transgressions, a paupers treasure. Free my soul’s secrets if you will see the mirrored reflection in cool clear blue sapphire waters, the rhapsody of a singing brook. Hasten to see a fleeing glimpse, can this be true, the semblance of a black cats visage where once a human form returned your questing gaze?
Oh ponder such mysteries. Hasten to the pathway, small one. Step on the little stones pathways into the past. Draw back the curtains of mist from the misty waterfalls wake.
Rest awhile. Chapel bells ring, their peals heady laughter to the saints above. White doves fly from the Spanish mission in a dream. Winter winds speed the peace birds on their winter wings. Fly from the casements and sing. Sing sweet Alvarez. Lull the cat child to sleep, rest in pondering dreams. Dream of a silver clad prince in foreign pagodas.

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